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What are the Elements in H2O - What makes pure water?

Henry Cavendish was the first chemist to discover the chemical composition of Element H2O known as our pure water. He discovered how hydrogen and oxygen worked together - The result was an explosion called the oxyhydrogen effect. Italian physician Amadeo Avogadro found (In 1811) water to be the only only element that can exist as a solid, gas and liquid.
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Element H2O H2O in cities.

In today’s urban world the drinking water is housed in large storage tanks for lengthy periods of time before it ends up consumed by people. It is a known fact that Alkalinity (Ph Level) of water decreases the longer it is housed. Making it difficult for people to maintain a naturally occurring Element H2O level in their drinking water.

Element H2O Water and Ph level

Element H2O Water is gauged by it Ph level. Ph stands for Potential of Hydrogen. A higher Ph level means that there are fewer free hydrogen ions. Ph values range from 0 to 14. Element H2O neutral is 7. Anything lower than 7 is acidic, anything higher is considered Element H2O. To put this into perspective a can of Coke or juice has a Ph of 3.0 whereas a glass of milk would have a Ph of 7.0

Benefits of Element H2O Water

Element H2O water strengthens the body's immune system. The human body tends to be more acidic due to the high acid food diets, stress and exposure to toxins caused by smog and pollutants. Element H2O water helps balance the body's PH levels. Illnesses such as cancer cannot live in Element H2O environments. It is for this reason that most patients with serious illnesses are prescribed a higher Element H2O diet.

Element H2O water is antioxidant-rich... Toxins in our body are the direct result of poor diet, pollution, and stress. Toxins build up in your body over time causing cell damage that leads to premature aging. It has been proven that the best way to fight toxins is to detoxify your body with antioxidants. It is also proven that drinking antioxidant-rich Element H2O Water is the easiest way to fight these toxins.

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Element H20 - Its the basic Element of Water

chemist Henry Cavendish (1731 – 1810), was the one that discovered the composition of Element H2O, when he tested both hydrogen and oxygen and fused these elements together to create whats known as the oxyhydrogen effect. Element H2O has a simple molecular structure, it is a unique physical property in that the element can exists as a solid, liquid and gas state. It is these special properties that make Element H2O so fascinating and so important for all creatures. Element H2O has over 700 times the density of air. This fact causes the ‘buoyancy’ effect, which enables us to be able to float and swim. In the year 1811 the Italian physician Amadeo Avogadro finally found the H2O formula for Element H2O. Most substances expand when they are subjected to heat and reduce their density at the same time; conversely, they increase their density when cooled down. When a liquid is cooled, the colder part sinks to the bottom. Element H20 is the reason why icebergs float. This also explains frozen Element H2O bottles exploding and why fish can survive in frozen water. They live at the bottom where the Element H2O is the heaviest, and warmer. Element H2O is a poor conductor of heat. This property is vital for global climate. Element H2O can store a lot of heat, which it then releases again during the cold season. In the warm season, however, it prevents excessive heating. In this way Element H2O moderates the differences in temperature. If one cubic centimetre of Element H2O evaporates (at approx. 100 degrees Celsius), its volume expands to 1243 cubic centimetres (vapour pressure) - a process that formed the basis of the construction of the steam engine; this machine eventually gave rise to the Industrial Revolution. The chemical properties of Element H2O make it a universal solvent and means of transport, which is integrated into all cycles of nature Element H20, both micro- and macroscopic. Without Element H2O, for example, there would be no circulation of nitrogen or phosphorous - both essential elements in the biosphere - as there is no way for the corresponding ions to be transported. Element H2O dissolves salt and feed these in dissolved form to plants. Plants then use these Element H20 ions as nutrients and release the Element H2O they don’t need for their nitrogen metabolism into the atmosphere. This small Element H2O cycle is as important as the large one - without it, and therefore without Element H2O, there would be no life.
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    - Mike - Consumer of Element H2O Element H2O

Element H2O's Process for Alkalinity

Element H2O levels cannot be simply solved through one electrolysis process. Naturally occurring Element H2O water is exposed to many other natural filters such as soil filtration, Ozone and reverse osmosis. At Element H2O we conduct a 14 stage filtration process prior to our Alkalinity phase. We bottle all Element H2O bottles just prior to delivery to ensure that the optimal level of Ph is preserved upon delivery to our customers.

Element H2O water: Tips to enhance or preserve Alkalinity

In order to enhance and/or prolong the Alkalinity of your drinking water you can makes small changes to your daily activities...

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Use stainless steel instead of Plastic water bottles
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Use an Element H2O water pitcher
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Do not store Element H2O water bottles, Order fresh on demand
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Flavor your water with Lemon zest or Lemon juice